More about me

My husband and I are in full-time ministry together. We just started a new church in Spokane Valley, Washington at the beginning of this year. Before that, we served as youth pastors for a church in Boise for the past 8 years.

Right now I lead up our First Impressions Team. It includes Hospitality, Greeting, Parking, Ushering, and Welcome Center. I like to tell people these are the teams that make church feel like home.

I also lead the Communications Team. It includes content development, graphics, website, and video announcements. While I am still learning (mostly from 8 year olds who are kind enough to shoot videos of how to use Photoshop and post them on youtube), I am passionate about getting outside the walls of the church and helping people discover life in Christ.

Lastly, I oversee events right now. I enjoy the creativity of it, but the details stress me out a little. My husband is trying to help me grow in my organizational skills. He is also awesome about jumping on whatever team I have going and filling in whatever role I need. Without him, I would have walked away from leadership a long time ago. By the way, he blogs at and you should check it out!

Danny and I have three children and they are church planters to the core. We asked them to partner with us from day one but I never expected the level of enthusiasm and heart they have continually shown. They love what God is doing through Sun City Church as much as we do. And like us, they are honored to be invited into the story God is writing here in the Pacific Northwest.

Writing has always been a passion of mine which is why I try to make time for this little blog amidst all the other things I am juggling in life. It keeps my heart and mind fresh as I shuffle and arrange words. I would sit here and play all day long regardless of whether anyone ever stopped by to read them. But it encourages me that people do.

My greatest hope in writing is that I could encourage you in your journey of becoming who God has called you to be. Even as I follow Jesus and pursue becoming all that He desires, I write so that you might be inspired to do the same.

Have a question or want to get a hold of me? Send me an email. I would love to hear from you!



Danny and Jamie