Living On Purpose

Danny and I had been engaged only a few days when we stopped by a party where everyone was playing card games. UNO was the game of choice, that wretched game where cards keep piling onto your hand each time your neighbor lays down a Draw 4. There were so many people playing that we had combined two decks of cards, or maybe it was three. Either way, someone whipped out a Draw 4 and the center of the circle turned into a mad frenzy of shark-like activity. And then the whole room fell silent as Danny, in slow motion, pulled out his Draw 4 and dramatically laid it on the top of the pile.

Sitting by his side, as any loving fiance would, I was dumbstruck when they announced that I needed to draw 64 CARDS….because of the final card that HE laid down. Let’s just say that the vibe wasn’t exactly loving between us after that!

While we laugh about it now, that incident revealed a lot about how each of us approach life and decisions. In the argument that followed, I reasoned that I would have held onto my Draw 4 had I been in the same situation. Danny rationalized that the point was to win the game, whatever it took. He prioritized the best strategy to win the game while I prioritized feelings and relationship to the detriment of the game.

Over the years we have found the value in both perspectives and the tension between them. We have learned that life is best lived intentionally on all fronts. When life becomes all about getting the best job or accumulating the most toys or receiving the recognition you think you deserve then relationships are often sacrificed along the way. If you throw out intentionality and try to make decisions without looking at the bigger picture then you often sacrifice the potential God invested into you. 0D9713A6E0

In order to live life well there needs to be a clear objective that you are making decisions in light of, a plan that will lead toward that end, and unity among those you are traveling with to move in the same direction. Each of us needs to know what the win is and how to achieve it.

Here are the questions we have been answering over the past decade of our lives-

What does it look like to live life on purpose? How does that look different in various arenas of our life (our marriage, parenting, friendships, ministering to others)?

How do you take steps to get there when you are currently overwhelmed by the circumstances of your life?

Is it possible for everyone, regardless of their background, situation, or obstacles in their life, to reach and live out the potential that God designed them with?

How do we work with each other rather than against each other to get where we are going?

I am going to be writing on what we have discovered, the lessons that have been invaluable to us along the way, and how that is playing out in this season of our lives as church planters. Join me for the journey as I bring you into our world. Leave a comment, ask a question, dialogue a little…let’s talk about the process of becoming everything God has called us to be.