Do you get your kids something for Valentine’s Day? My parents always did something little and special for us when we were growing up. And I love continuing the tradition with my kids. Danny and I are planning a date night for just us on a different night when things won’t be so busy and then we will do something fun with the family on VDay itself.

This year, Danny and I are posting conversation hearts made of construction paper on the kids doors for the 14 days leading up to VDay with various things that we like about them. I think it will be really fun for the kids and a great way for us to highlight the wonderful characteristics that we already see developing inside of them. Something I read that stuck with me was the thought that we, the parents, are caretakers of our children’s stories. We watch as their personalities begin to bloom, we record the things that influence them in their journey, we inspire them to grow and take on new challenges, and we help them to understand how God has uniquely created them. So, this is one way that we can celebrate a fun holiday while purposefully influencing our children.

I am also looking for some small gifts to give our kids on VDay besides sugary treats. Here are a couple of the ideas that I am playing with-

Bookworm Journal- I think this would be fun for my 1st grader and maybe even my pre-K guy who is just barely reading. Things that inspire reading are always like giving them a gift while also giving myself a gift because I know I am helping them grow.





Bones: Skeletons and How They Work– Both of my boys are absolutely fascinated by bones. So, I put this on my gift list awhile back and have been waiting for a good opportunity to give it to them. Is it weird to give a bone book on a holiday all about hearts and flowers?




Spot It– This game has got a lot of rave reviews. And my kids love game nights with us. They are obviously their dad’s children and competitiveness runs deep in our family.







Open This Little Book– I think that my little girl would really like this fun book. She takes after her mom and doesn’t need any prompting to love reading.






Have any more ideas you want to share with me? I would love to hear your favorite VDay gifts thoughts for a kid.