I was listening to Andy Stanley’s leadership podcast while working up a sweat on the treadmill Danny got me for Christmas the other day. And they kept repeating this phrase, “It is a mistake to decide what you are going to do before you decide who you are going to be.” Stanley went on to tell about a time in his life where he sat down and worked through who he wanted to become. He did it by envisioning his funeral and then detailing out what he wanted the most important people in his life to say about him. The speeches that he crafted for his friends and family began to tell a story of what success would look like for him. And from that project, he developed 9 words that he carries with him to define the person he wants to be.


I loved that idea! So, I am in the midst of doing the same thing. After writing through my funeral speeches, I am looking for the words that define what success is going to look like for me. And I feel like it is affecting everything that I do. Tasks on my lists feel less like things waiting to be checked off and more like steps taking me towards where I want to go. That is the power of vision! It changes your perspective of ordinary and sometimes mundane. Vision gives intention and purpose to each decision you make. And you receive the reward of fulfillment because you are hitting the mark instead of approaching life randomly.


We are halfway through January. I encourage you to spend some time revisiting your vision or hashing one out if you haven’t done so before. Don’t make the mistake of deciding what you are going to do before you decide you are going to be. Remember that fulfillment is directly tied to defining what success looks like for you.


[Photo courtesy of Creative Commons: Vlcekmi3]


And if you feel so inclined, come back here and tell me a little about how vision is affecting your life. I would love to hear about it!