“Are you doing something new for this January?”

I have been asking a lot of people that question, lately. And I have been hearing all kinds of things. Some people are working on new health goals. Some are taking time to refresh and recharge. Some are digging into big questions about purpose and where they want to go in life. It is so fun and inspiring to hear all the different approaches to a new year.

As these first 10 days of 2013 have unfolded, the pressing thought on my mind has been, “Challenge yourself.” The older I become, the more comfortable I become with my routines, the more I am tempted to accept status quo. But I won’t ever know what I am truly capable of unless I intentionally challenge myself to go beyond what I think my limitations are. So, I have been examining my fences with the plan of kicking them over.

Whatever your approach is to this new year, I hope you challenge yourself. There is more inside of you then you know. Discover it. May this be the year that you starve your fears and feed your faith. And when get to the end of 2013, I hope that you and I will stand together in the place where our determination has made way for beautiful fulfillment.

So, what are you doing new for January?