Going Back to School

A new school year is upon us. It means back to school shopping, notebooks, and pencils. My oldest son tells me it’s his favorite time of the year. And I have to agree.

There’s something about the fresh pages of a journal that stirs my soul. It all feels so new. And coupled with the brisk air that begins to seep into our evenings, it whispers that everything is changing and growing.

As much as us parents like to bemoan our babies getting older and inching towards the day they walk out the door to chase their own life’s adventures, there is also a deep-seated awe at what God is developing before our eyes.

Our kids are becoming.

They’re becoming stronger, wiser, skilled in what they do, courageous, and faith-filled. We’re watching them discover and live out their calling. It’s enough to make me want to jump to my feet and cheer wildly (and that is definitely not my personality.)

As I was on a morning walk around my kid’s schools last week, I felt impressed to pray for the coming year. And I want to invite you to join me for your kid’s schools.

I’m praying…

  1. God will give wisdom and insight to teachers and staff to lead our kids well
  2. Peers with influence will use it for good, to draw out the best in those around them
  3. The enemy’s plan to steal, kill, and destroy would come to nothing
  4. Potential would be realized and cultivated in our kid’s lives
  5. Hearts would turn toward God and follow Him wholeheartedly

Our church community is starting 21 Days of Prayer this Sunday. It’s a time we set aside to seek God in prayer and worship. During these three weeks, I’m going to be walking around and praying these five things over a different school in my area every morning.

I invite you to join me and let’s bring as many schools as we can before God in prayer as our kids get ready to start another year of learning.