I can barely see my yard under all the snow and ice. The green patches around the edge let me know that there is still something under there, but I wonder how long it will be until I experience it in all its greenness again. It has been over a month since the white barrenness took over. So, it is time to remedy the lack of green on my own. There are few things that can revitalize my soul like the presence of green plants in my life.

With all the new, healthy recipes I am trying I think a herb garden would be a good indoor addition. I am thinking some version of this one that I found on Pinterest would be fun. My favorite herbs are Rosemary, Cilantro, Basil, Mint, Oregano, and Parsley so I think I will start there.

I am also thinking of adding some Valentine’s Day looking plants in the form of a Terrarium. Even though I have never made one, I don’t think it looks very difficult. But I will let you know the end results.

And finally, some bulb flowers. I plan on being totally ready for Spring as soon as this weather breaks. My husband’s favorite flower is the Daffodil so I really like to use them. Someday I plan on having a whole garden filled with them with a little table right in the middle for us to share morning tea while we read our Bible devotions.

While I am not such a green thumb, I really love plants. Danny knows that I would always love a potted plant or a bunch of flowers to arrange on my own vs pre-arranged flowers. Most of the time, I end up killing my plant friends but it doesn’t keep me from continually experimenting. Who knows, maybe someday I will stumble upon my green thumb? 😉

Are you a plant lover? What is your favorite thing to grow (or slowly kill)?